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Hagia Sophia in Constantinople Notice: Mosaic under the roof Source: Hagia Sophia's website

from Martha Stewart

Brick Garden Rugs with Margaret

The work of artist Margaret Kerr combines her lifelong interests in landscape architecture and textile design. In gardens throughout East Hampton, New York, she creates what she calls brick rugs -- flat brick structures reminiscent in size, shape, and pattern of antique Persian and tribal Oriental rugs. Margaret first experimented with this art form in 1986 when she created a brick walkway for her family's medieval herb garden. Today, when developing a pattern for a new rug, she always...

from Budget Travel

10 Awesome & Affordable Tuscany Towns

MURLO (continued):The towns main attraction is a museum that highlights the history of the thriving Etruscan civilization, which predates the Roman Empire in Italy by many centuries until the Romans assimilated them politically and culturally. They left behind a rich trove of architecture and art throughout Italy, as well as their DNA: Scientists have discovered that long-time residents of Murlo have strong genetic links with the ancient Etruscans. (Oleg Znamenskiy/Dreamstime) (From: 10…

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, #Ravenna by sdhaddow, via Flickr #mosaics

Aachen Cathedral, Aachen Germany - midieval Romanesque om style - construction on the chapel begun by Charlemagne around 792 making this the oldest cathedral in Northern Europe - during the Middle Ages, known as the "Royal Church of St. Mary at Aachen". Charlemagne generation 41 on family tree.

Sara wants us to do the steps leading to the basement like this. And I concur.

Soccarat Medieval Tile showing a rabbit

effervescentaardvark: Inlaid tiles from Tintern Abbey, dating from the later 13th century.source: “Builders and Decorators: Medieval Crafte...