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Максим Журавлев artist from Воронеж, Россия on Inkbe / Фото #9 - Cross Stitcher №210 - Orlanda

Microsoft's next Surface device is an ergonomic keyboard? Read more Technology News Here --> The Surface range is going great guns these days so why wouldn't Microsoft want to expand it beyond detachable tablets? It would certainly make sense to push the name and beyond news of an all-in-one Surface PC there is now word of a Surface-branded keyboard. This speculation comes from a listing spotted by German tech site WinFuture on the Bluetooth SIG (special… The best #metal detector that which 3 D We all want to #make a lot of #money, someone goes in the #business, somebody dreams about inheritance, and some people buy a metal detector and found a lot of #jewelry. #Treasure, which is very much under our feet buried under the ground. In order to find this #treasure, need special 3 D Metal Detector #Jeohunter. He knows exactly where lies the treasure, and you can tell me where you have to dig, and where there…

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My mother said: "You know what? Unless they are gonna pay your bills. Pay them no mind!" ~Ru Paul #quote

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If anyone ever becomes a millionaire and wants to buy me any of these feel free. ;)
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The Cars of the Future

If anyone ever becomes a millionaire and wants to buy me any of these feel free. ;)

tuto - just follow the bouncing pictures - no words needed.

Daily Dialogue — August 7, 2016 Speaker: Now tonight we have with us the son of Margaret and the late C.J. Reed of Portland who has witnessed this war first-hand. And I for one see no reason why we here at the liberal club shouldn’t listen to what Jack Reed has to say. [applause] What would you say this war is about, Jack Reed? Jack stands. Pauses, then– Jack: Profits. With that, he sits back down. — Reds…