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Dog On The Fly: Mens Fine Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Fur Should Fly wearable art, with original paintings by Connie R. Lovingly reproduced on high-quality apparel for animal lovers everywhere.

Keep the flies away  - Outdoor Ideas (Worth a shot)  don't know if this is true or not.  If not, can always use the pine sol for its original intention

10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 6

I'm not shocked that Flies HATE Pine-Sol. I hate Pine Sol LOL! ~~permanent campsite ideas - worth a shot!

The Track of the Flying Scotsman c.1920 http://www.vintagevenus.com.au/products/vintage_poster_print-tr148


Flying hovercraft.  This is going on my Christmas wishlist.  Wonder if Santa can fit it in his sleigh lol

Is it a boat? Is it a plane? Well, sort of. this FLYING hovercraft which hits 70 mph and can go in the air is the ultimate millionaire's toy

This resource contains a fun CVC game where students have to swat the fly with…

CVC Activity: Fly Swat Game

This resource contains a fun CVC game where students have to swat the fly with the matching CVC word that they have on their flashcard. You will need to purchase/have a fly swatter to play this game. This resource comes in two different difficulty level

B-17G | The Flying Fortress is one of the most famous airplanes ever built. The B-17 prototype first flew on July 28, 1935. Although few B-17s were in service on Dec. 7, 1941, production quickly accelerated after the U.S. entry into World War II. The aircraft served in every combat zone, but it is best known for the daylight strategic bombing of German industrial targets. Production ended in May 1945 and totaled 12,726…

The flying fotress, one of the most famous aircraft of

The Useful Gift Guide For Christmas 2015

The Useful Gift Guide For Christmas 2015

Lavish Alice On the Fly Cape Jacket - Burgundy - Blazers + Capes

Best EVER fly trap!!  Add a cut up hot dog and a tablespoon of maple syrup with about 2-4 ounces of water to a jar with a lid.  Poke a few holes in the lid...(big enough for the flies to easily enter) and believe me, they're too dumb to find their way out!

hot dog syrup fly trap - it looks disgusting but it works amazingly *** cut hotdog into put in bottom of old glass jar ,with holes drilled on top big enough for a fly to get in, add syrup.any syrup.