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Thats the worst, knowing someone pretty much for over a thousand years and gets knocked up by a human once and doesn't rember you at all

LEGIT MY #1 LIFE PROBLEM! O.O O.O O_O O_O O-O O-O { #Kpop #KpopFunny #KpopMeme } ©KpopAmino

I always used Solas as my spirit healer, but it's not the same...

Gilmore Girls, a year in the life. Life and Death Brigade

I microwaved a puffin. My sister screamed, and it sizzled

My Two Year Old Was Having A Bad Day...

MorseCode Translation: 6 Miles From Hilltop! Spread the word ! REPOST this fact!! #morsecode #WalkingDead #thewalkingdead #TWD the Sanctuary is 6 miles away from the hilltop!