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This honeycomb necklace by @gorjanagriffin proves that charms are a perfect way to reflect your personal taste.

usually not so much of an earring person, but this might even suit me - Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings

We love how @ThymeisHoney rocks her @gorjanagriffin honeycomb necklace.

Transitioning to your fall wardrobe? This @gorjanagriffin chevron necklace still works, no matter the season.

This @gorjanagriffin necklace adds subtle shimmer to your necklace layer.

Pam Hetlinger proving why this Gorjana necklace is THE delicate-lover's essential. #wishlist

Accessorizing your plain white tee? Opt for layers of @gorjanagriffin.

We love the mix of @gorjanagriffin"s Mika pendant with @jennybirdinc's beaded necklace.

How do you layer your fave @gorjanagriffin delicate necklaces?

This CC Skye stacked bar necklace is the perfect way to polish off any look.