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Kissing an elephant that's walked up to her car...

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Tyke was SHOT 87 TIMES for escaping the circus. Please SIGN + RT:

Elephant - such sensitive and family loving animals. They feel the loss of a member of their family group so badly the young orphaned calf often dies of a broken heart

Looks like the infamous "Flying Spaghetti Monster", proving it really does exist !!! Lol

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peace - by Gregory Colbert, one of the most incredible photography exhibits that I've ever been to. We missed the NY show back in 2005, and saw it on the beach in Santa Monica in 2006. The travelling exhibition was put together using shipping containers, it was an incredible space. go to the website, watch the movies and look at all the photos. Beautiful

ok soooo after seeing this.. how many of you want to ride elephant tusks in the water ????? I do!

Three Elephants- family Have I mentioned that I love elephants. BOYCOTT IVORY !!!

The Beasts That Live Can All Forgive But an Elephant Never Forgets

Many of the largest and strongest animals on earth are vegan (Buffalo, Gorillas, Bison, Baboons, Hippos, Rhinos, Elephants, Cassowaries, Peccaries, Wild Boar, et cetera). Why don't you ask them where they get their protein?