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[Indian] Kodi Vepudu (Andhra Chicken Fry) (కోడి వేపుడు, चिकन फ्री)

Goan Mild Spiced Prawns Curry 1.500 gms prawns 2.3 tbsp oil 3.1 inch ginger chopped 4.7 to 8 garlic cloves 5.1 t/s turmeric 6.1 tbsp red chili powder 7.3 green chilies finely chopped 8.1 onion chopped finely 9.1 tomato chopped finely 10.16 to 18 curryleaves 12.2 cups water 13.2 cups thick coconut milk 14.1 cup thin coconut milk 15.1.5 tbsp cumin seed 16.few coriander leaves 17.1/2 tbsp sugar 18.salt as per taste


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