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Pokemon Go was decoded to reveal some juicy updates for trainers

Someone decoded Pokemon Go and now we know a whole lot more juicy info about the gaming app. The data-mine was posted on Reddit, and thanks to the blog pokemonfortress blog we’ve got a list of things we didn’t already know about. So for all you Pokemon goers out there, enjoy all these hacks and tips.

How much data does Pokemon GO use?

When you dash across the road to catch your next Poliwag this lunchtime, you might want to check your data.

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Ditto found in Pokémon GO code

Data miners have found references to new Pokémon not officially part of Pokémon GO, as well as Ultra Balls and Max Potions.

Pokemon GO Type Chart: Best Pokemon to chose for gym battles

When battling other Pokemon, it’s all about Pokemon types. So when battling your next gym in the game, take a look at this table for some tips on how to win.

How to avoid the five most common Pokemon Go injuries

If you play Pokemon Go, then you should be wary of the dangers of actually going outside and doing things rather than sitting on your arse all day.

Poke Radar app shows you where to catch rare Pokemon

There is finally a way of finding rare Pokemon – without hanging around on the Pokemon GO app waiting for one to pop up. A new app has been launched – called Poke Radar – that allows Pokemon GO players to add rare Pokemon sightings to a map so others can find them too.

Pokemon Go could be played on CONTACT LENSES in the future

Pokémon Go could get hella more realistic – after the developers behind the game revealed that the future could involve contact lenses that allow you to see Pokémon in REAL LIFE. The exciting development has been touted by John Hanke, CEO of developers Niantic – and would essentially allow you to view Pokémon, Poke Stops and even Poke Gyms as if they existed in our world.

Can you catch em? These are the best Pokemon in the game

While clearly it’s ideal to get your hands on some of the rarest Pokemon out there (see list here) what about the ones that are the best, that you realistically can catch?

Pokemon GO server status: Twitter account gives you live server status updates

A group of Pokemasters has set up a Twitter account giving live information about Pokemon GO servers and their status. The @PoGoServer account details every outage, so next time your app fails to load you can check Twitter to see if the problem is with your phone or the servers.

Find all the Pokemon near you with this #PokemonGo map

Pokevision is a Google Maps type website where you type in your location and it will pinpoint exactly which Pokemon are around you. You can refresh it every 30 seconds to see which new Pokemon pop up.