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10 iced coffee cocktails that will give you a buzz

Why not mix things up by making one of these coffee cocktails? These little beauties see coffee and booze combine to fantastic effect. Here’s 10 iced coffee cocktails that will give you a buzz.

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Fudgy vegan brownies

These #fudgy #brownies are #easy and quick to make. They're are #vegan but you would have never guessed! #recipe #recipes #dessert #treat #vegetarian #aquafaba #cake #brownie #chocolate

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The 10 best independent coffee shops in London

Fancy a cup of coffee? Of course you do. If you find yourself in London with a hankering for a fix of the good stuff, and you can’t be bothered...

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Are coffee cup sizes overcharging you for your coffee?

We decided to find out once and for all, which coffee chain gives you the most bang for your buck and which one is making a mocha-ry out of you? Watch the video above to reveal the dark, bitter truth about coffee cup sizes.

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15 reasons why coffee is better than a boyfriend

Why have a tall dark and handsome boyfriend, when you can have hot, frothy and extra milky coffee instead? Coffee is one of those things that, along with baby rabbits and cold cans of Diet Coke, positively makes the world a better place. And it's much better than love.

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Red velvet lattes exist and they look absolutely incredible

If there’s one thing that can make a latte even tastier – it’s by adding a touch of red velvet. This is the coffee twist we need in our lives.

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We tried salt in our coffee because apparently that's a thing

Salt in coffee may sound like utter madness, but apparently it’s a thing now. Seriously, it’s not just an unfortunate morning accident that happens when your eyes are too blurry to work out what’s salt and what’s sugar. People are deliberately doing it as if it's a new trend.

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The deconstructed coffee trend is proof that we're all doomed

That’s it. Pack up your things, retreat into your home, and never venture out to a café or restaurant ever again. Your house – with your kettle and tetley tea bags – is the only safe place now. The only sanctuary from a world of rainbow food, meals served on shovels, and, worst of all, deconstructed coffee.