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Taha Muhammad Ali (b. 1931 - d. 2011) Palestinian poet. We've been so excited to add a translated book of his to our library (in a shipment coming in this week) that we couldn't resist illustrating him as well. Here he is as a young man (based on an old photo of him in a souvenir shop he owned in Nazareth). His work is often seen as a contrast to the style seen in Mahmoud Darwish's work; he preferred succinct and prolific writing to Darwish's high-flown proper Arabic writing…

I want a kind heart, not a bullet. -Mahmoud Darwish

The death of Saji Darwish Another Palestinan blood libel: They are extremely easy to fabricate, but how difficult are they to disprove? Not very, says this article.

In your eyes , I'm seeing the silence, like the silent of stone." Mahmoud darwish " وبعينيك أرى صمت الحجر ،،،،" محمود درويش "

RIP Saji Darwish. Boybott Israelist institutions & businesses. Give hope today.

Un ragazzo palestinese lancia un lacrimogeno sparato dalla polizia israeliana durante una manifestazione per ricordare il primo anniversario della morte di Saji Darwish, un ragazzo ucciso dall'esercito israeliano

أن تكون فلسطينياً يعني أن تصاب بأمل لا شفاء منه. #محمود_درويش To be a Palestinian, is to suffer from incurable hope. #Mahmoud_Darwish