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Hahah Tribal Talk...see captions below

There are over 500 recognized tribes in the USA, each with their own culture. Contrary to popular belief, we do not all live in tipis (mainly because we live in houses now, btw) but the tipi belonged to the plains culture, which I am from. We are not one homogenous culture, we are each unique, with our own beliefs, stories, and ways of life. I feel like this should not be news.

I really like this design, it has an IWW feel to it too.

The absolute truth: American history begins with Native American Indian history. More

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America Before European Colonization - this is a great map, but I question its accuracy. Not sure all of these nations coexisted at the same time. Also, names varied a lot. Shown here are the English names for each nation. Even so, it's nice overview of the general lay of the land before Europeans.

Simplifying classroom rules This is a very simple, nice classroom poster or a reminder to teach your kids at home to help the teacher!

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List and maps of Native American tribes

Situated mostly in the Northwest United States and in Canada after migrating from the Great Lakes region, the Blackfoot Indians have a rich history and culture.Blackfoot Indians were legendary buffalo hunters, and lived a mostly nomadic life following the buffalo herds.