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Manufacturing in the desert where energy and material occur in abundance. In this experiment sunlight and sand are used as raw energy and material to produce glass objects using a 3D printing process.

3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen by WobbleWorks LLC., via Kickstarter: It's a pen that can draw in the air! 3Doodler is the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand. Lift your imagination off the page! #3D_Printing_Pen


"Fable" 3D printed Clock

It's a amazing the strides that 3D printing are making. This clock is by Gilbert13 (Angela and Mark Gilbert of the UK)

This final design is built up layer by layer in durable nylon plastic using Selective Laser Sintering, a kind of 3D printing. These forms would be impossible to create by traditional manufacturing methods. The process imparts the pieces with a coral-like texture, while the slight flexibility of nylon and airy design make it fun to wear.

from the Guardian

The Filabot will revolutionise the home 3D-printing market

The Open Source Filabot brings a miniature industrial recycling plant to your desktop, grinding down everyday plastic waste and transforming it into ready-to-use printing material. Everything from water pipes to drinks bottles, plastic wrappers and Lego bricks can be fed into the contraption – which grinds, melts and extrudes the plastic into a filament of either 3mm or 1.75mm diameters.

from Designer Daily: graphic and web design blog

10 Ingenious Furniture Designs Made With 3D Printing

Dutch designer, Bram Geenen combined historical genius with cutting-edge digital technology to create these striking, minimalist stools and chairs. Taking Gaudi’s example, Geenen used an inverted model of hanging chains to determine the most stable configuration for his seats.

from Etsy

geometric jewelry- Faceted Cuff bracelet in Black. modern design 3D printed. fashion gifts, statement jewelry

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