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How to Raise a Narcissist (and How Not To Raise One) | Psychology Today

Narcissistic mother, narcissistic father – here are their traits | Brainwashing Children

Narcissist in a nutshell. Reading this is scary. She had EVERY single one of these traits. So glad I got away. Female Narcissist

from Psychopath Resistance

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A narcissist will have some, but not necessarily all, of these traits. Narcissistic Personality Disorder It is believed that narcissism is an attitude which is present in every individual and is ...

Couldn't have said it much better myself...My children are happy, taken care of better than most children actually, and are not the ones causing drama in their own no no that is their fathers. My son's father thinks that he is playing some kind of game but we are on the same team raising our child and until my child goes to one of us saying there is a problem then maybe he should grow up and realize he is the one that is going to be responsible for ruining our child's life not me

Don't engage.. Narcissistic Abuse Recovery....we will need a lot of prayers in order to stay strong and hold our tongue....but for our kids we would move mountains...

this is Literally insult to injury. abuse is abuse, period.

The new racism is to deny that racism exists [follow this link to find a short clip and analysis on color-blind racism during the Obama administration:]