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By following these steps, you can build a strong, reusable rabbit trap using only a minimal amount of materials and time. This box trap requires bait to lure a rabbit into the box. If the rabbit knocks the door prop down, a door swings down and a nine gauge wire prevents the rabbit from exiting. Make sure you check local laws regarding trapping before you spend money and time building a trap. Read more: How to Build a Simple Rabbit Trap | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com

Apache Foot Hold Trap - The Apache foothold trap was traditionally used to trap big game like deer. It consists of a hole, a snare and wooden stakes. Although it was intended for larger animals I have found it useful for trapping any animal such as fox, coyote and raccoon. It’s a good survival trap to know due to its simplicity and adaptability to trap almost any animal.

VIDEO: How to Make a Feather Spear Trap (VIDEO) | DIY Survival Tools For Hunting and Trapping, check it out at http://survivallife.com/video-how-to-make-a-feather-spear-trap/

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