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Hot and Sour Soup

This Hot and Sour Soup recipe is quick and easy to make, SO tasty and flavorful, and tastes just like the Chinese restaurant version! |

Thanks Mr Wahlberg! Absolutely correct! I love him. Such an amazing actor, but keeps it real.

Marine’s Epic Response To 0bama’s Farewell Speech Will Wake America Up!You ignored the advice of wartime Generals & pulled troops out of an unstable country & gave rise to ISIS, the most evil group of people on the planet. Our country is twice as much in debt as it was when you took office, to the tune of nearly $20 trillion. You said middle America clings to God and guns, while you waged war on both. You tried to pass yourself off as a Christian, while telling radical Muslim nations that…

Whew, It’s Hot… by Dana Allen

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