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This is a lesson that I got from another teacher, who I think got it from Science Gems. My eighth ...

Physical or Chemical Change- This is a great practice sheet that could be paired with plenty of science experiments!

Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Physical Science Interactive Notebook

Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Physical Science Interactive Notebook •The Nature of Waves •Features of Waves •Behavior of Waves •Electromagnetic Spectrum •Communicating with Radio Waves Students will be given the opportunity to show their understanding of the included concepts by completing the engaging and creative activities for the OUTPUT side of their Science Interactive Notebook. Activities range in variety for each chapter.

Radio Wave Transmission Experiment

Learn how remote controllers work and how materials can affect of radio waves in this radio wave transmission experiment.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has put their entire chemistry experiment book online in video format! Dozens of video demonstrations of classic chemistry experiments with versions both for the teacher and for the students! Watch them or do them yourself, or both! Too cool!

Hang These Graphics on Your Fridge to Never Waste Food Again

Every year, people waste lots of food — a serious and saddening issue. If you sometimes throw out food because they have spoiled, these printabl...

Everything You Need to Build Your Own Bodyweight Workout

An effective bodyweight training program can whip you into shape and even pack on muscle, but “effective” doesn’t look the same for everyone.…