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Felt relief for 3 days after getting a nerve block... I cried when I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I felt relief. Endometriosis and Poly cystic ovarian syndrome are no joke!

from The Mighty

17 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You to Learn During Pain Awareness Month

It is not about the meds, it is about obtaining some relief in order to be able…

OMGsh YES!!!!!! Well of course I need my Bible because it's my mighty in God-weapon for this painful warfare

How many spoons will it cost? A question we have to ask ourselves everyday, with virtually every activity.... If you don't know what I'm talking about, please look for the "Spoon Theory" on this board, or via google. It may explain to you what it's like for us better than I can.

Lisa Copen, author of "Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage A Chronically Ill Friend," shares how it isn't HER strength that helps her cope with daily chronic pain.

Yep..... Lupus/Fibromyalgia /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /Chronic Migraines / Fibro SUCKS / Chronic Pain / Silent Sufferer / Invisible Sufferer, etc. etc. etc.

Do you suffer from chronic inflammation? This recipe is excellent for fighting inflammation as well as increasing your energy levels. It is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients which reduce pain and swelling, and nourish your cells with body-loving antioxidants. Inflammation occurs when our body's experience an injury, infection, irritants, stress or foreign objects entering our system, and our immune response and protective reactions to these factors.

chronic illness cat- This every single day. Perhaps in a secret optimist after all! #endometriosis