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Rabbits inhabit every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Minis Bunnies, Bunnies Art, Buns, | Cute Animals

forthewildthings: Red foxVulpes vulpes

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40 Breathtaking Portraits Capture The True Beauty Of Wildlife


The white-necked jacobin (Florisuga mellivora) is a large and attractive hummingbird that ranges from Mexico south to Peru, Bolivia and south Brazil. It is also found on Tobago and in Trinidad, but breeding has not been proved on the latter island.

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Community Post: 11 Wet Animals Are Adorable, Whether They Like It Or Not

Web: Ces animaux qui rigolent - News Loisirs: Animaux -

pretty colors with peach, gray and white .

** "Rightly tired of de pain me hear and feelz, boss,wheres we goin' to or comin' from or whys. If me couldz end it, me would,but me can'ts." -- [Stephen King - The Green Mile