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Over 80 quality high school Social Studies Website including sites for world history, european history, ancient history, us history, texas history, ap history, economics, government, and civics.

FREE online PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, YouTube videos and lectures, and more to supplement their AP history courses (ages 13-18)

ONLINE RESOURCE~ Mission U.S. offers interactive journeys through important eras in U.S. history. Games can be played entirely online or downloaded for play on your PC or Mac (you do need an Internet connection to save a game in progress). The first role-playing mission is set in Boston in 1770. Students play the role of 14-year-old Nat Wheeler who, after the Boston Massacre, must choose to side with the Loyalists or the Patriots. Check out this, and two other fun and educational missions!

This blog post called "Ten Interesting Facts . . . The Revolutionary War" is a great addition to your Revolutionary War Unit. It also includes this free foldable timeline organizer.

Social Studies Success Blog - great lesson for the week back to school. This activity will really engage your students as you teach them why history is important. I love the Pop-Up Experts!

This is a great computer game for 5th students who have learned about the American Revolutionary War. It teaches about the people, battles, places, and events during the American Revolution. You play as a young 14-year-old boy living during 1777. You have to choose between "crown or country" and the story unfolds from there.

12 History and Geography Board Games That Make Learning Fun!

I couldn't believe how many cool games there are to teach history and geography! 12 Learning Games that teach US History, World History and Geography! #ebayguides #sponsored

Why Do We Study History (Remastered)

Created By: James Nagle I put this together about two years ago. It was part of a lesson plan made for my students along with a project in which they were tasked…

High School World History Activities

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