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So, are you playing Pokemon Go?  My teenage son is all over it.  He goes on bike rides and for walks just to catch some more. (Better than...

The 15 Most Insane Places People Have Spotted Pokemon in ‘Pokemon Go’ –

Blastoise: Look, son. Everything the light touches is our kingdom


when you play Pokemon Go in Gravity Falls and accidentally found Bill Cipher

You might need a master ball to catch that inter-dimensional demon! I've heard that it's pretty rare! XD

When Usain Bolt plays Pokemon GO.

This is even better considering I name all my Pokémon in Pokémon Go after Fairy Tail characters. :-D


방탄소년단 on

Jungkook and Rap Monster ❤ [Bangtan Trans Tweet] 꾹이GO! #꾹이생일ㅊㅋ #RM KookieGO…

9 Wonderful Pokemon Bookmark Corners. Make one. Make them ALL. The kids will…