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orange cat lying on carpet

orange cat lying on carpet

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Cat Information and Facts

Improve communication with your cat by learning cat body language. Cats use their tails to communicate a great deal.

handy reflexology reference for using oils with your dogs

Young Living Essential Oils: The Vita Flex Points for Dog Paws. Looks interesting, but doubt if my dogs would allow me to flex their paws long enough for this to do any good.

Cat MagnetDo you know about the Slow Blink? In kitty-speak it means "I Love You." Try giving your kitty a slow blink - you just might get one in return.

adult cat in woman's lap

Treating Cat Cavities in Your Feline Friend

adult cat in woman's lap

cat with green eyes on stoop

Hypertension: The Silent Cat Killer

cat with green eyes on stoop

As your feline friend advances in cat years, regular veterinary checkups are crucial.

Caring for ​Your Senior Cat

Senior cats require more frequent veterinary care. Schedule a checkup for your old cat every 6 months to make your feline friend's senior cat years golden.

sick cat receives care

Why Your Other Pets Protect a Sick Dog or Cat

A sick dog or cat will receive protection and care from other pets in the household when dog or cat illnesses occur. But why do animals help their sick?