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from Etsy

Needle felted barn owl with hat

Needle felted barn owl with hat by Harthicune on Etsy

"Stop, David!" I said laughing putting my arms out as to stop him from grabbing me. I saw a twinkle in his brown eyes that I had only seen a few times before. Both of us still laughing, David finally grabbed me in a hug. As soon as I felt the embrace of my best friend, the tears I had been holding back for so long, burst forth from my eyes. I felt his hug get tighter, "There it is..." David said, putting his hand on the back of my head, my hair strung through his fingers. A.L.M.

That moment when Daniel left her. That moment when her depresion started. That moment her life completly change. That was the moment she felt alone, unloved, not cared for. Crying alone in her room,with the necklace he gave to her was throw outside and caught up in the wind.

from CNN

Our favorite travel snapshots of 2011 -

"The Red Barn just caught my eye as I was driving by," Glenn Barclay said about this photo. "Drive by it all the time, but that autumn day it just hit me. It's an accident 'Kodak moment.' It felt like that last warm autumn afternoon before a cold front blows in, a calm before the winter."

from Miss Mustard Seed

second landscape dresser

Miss Mustard Seed: It’s easier to show the process in a video, so here it is… It’s not finished, yet, but...

from Etsy

Contemplating freedom

((there's no opening. I couldn't find a dark room so this is the best I got!)) I look around the room, all I could so is the toilet. "SOMEONE HELP!" I yelled, but I knew no one would come. I didn't know how this happened. I was sleeping in my be then I heard noises. I thought I was dreaming. then, someone grabbed my arm. I tried screaming but all I felt was water. Next thing I knew I was in this room with no light and a toilet. I had to get away. someone opened the door. ((more in comments))