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Mercer's Plans were the strategic plans originally developed by Gallus Desidenius, Mercer Frey and the Thieves Guild to steal the Eyes of the Falmer.

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Know Your Shadowmarks (Dark) | Unisex T-Shirt

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Skyrim Quest Marker Perler Bead Sprite

This will be one of the first things to be put up in my new flat. #Skyrim

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Skeleton Key (Skyrim)

The Skeleton Key, the Daedris Artifact of Nocturnal. he Skeleton Key is the only Daedric Artifact known not to count for the achievement, Oblivion Walker. The key is a decorative, unbreakable lockpick. It may be kept permanently, but at the cost of not being able to progress any further in the Thieves Guild questline.

Available for sale from FIERMAN, Brad Phillips, Dad's Last Occupation Watercolor on paper, 7 × 9 in