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Picture of young girl in early 1900s!

UTE Chief Tecumseh, late 1800s or very early 1900s. Postcard edited between 1901-1907.

"May elves and sprites bring you good fortune on Halloween" ~ Early 1900s postcard.

What a kitchen from the early 1900's looked like

KUMEYAAY Gertrude Alto, age 122, Kwaaymii Tribe, early 1900s. Postcard edited by TPG ET2 - San Diego, Cal. c.1907-1915.

... Lady Ottoline Morrell with Edward William Horner, 1909. | Via National Portrait Gallery

Early 1900s - Spiffy ladies of the family gather on the porch for a photo... I like the smile on the woman on the right! <> (vintage, edwardian era)

PENOBSCOT Chief Big Thunder, also known as Frank Loring (1827-1906), Old Town, Maine, late 1800s or very early 1900s. Postcard published by H.M. Burbank, New England Stationery Co. Boston, before 1915.

Winter girl with doll. 1900s. by Lauren Jaeger Mikalov, via Flickr

WINNEBAGO Woman, Early 1900s. Real Photo Postcard Edited Between 1915-1930.