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All It Take Is 1 Person To Go Out Of There Way

" Don't let your Character change color with your environment find out who you are and let it stay its true color" Rachel Joy Scott

The Change Arc is all about the Lie Your Character Believes. His life may be horrible, or his life may seem pretty great. But, festering under the surface, is the Lie.

The most important moment in your story is your character's breaking point. Discover how to time the breaking point so it accomplishes everything it must. *

Five Signs Your Character Is Fully Developed

Five Signs Your Character Is Fully Developed - The internet abounds with exercises to help storytellers develop their characters. Creators are told to write character back stories, establish motivations, and create inner fears and desires. These steps are all helpful, but none of them are irreplaceable. There are many paths to a finished character, and the shortest one will be different for every storyteller...

A strong character arc needs to show change, and this method is the easiest way to ensure a big change over a story.

If you're getting reports that your characters are acting out of character, it may be a sign of a deeper problem in your plot, your character building, or your narrative flow.