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Moveable Feast Takes Participants on Tour of Rollins' Libraries. uring the hustle of the many events associated with the 125th Anniversary, a small group took time to slow down and reflect on the humble beginnings of the College’s library.

Rollins College celebrates their 125 anniversary this year and that's pretty aweasome. I had the pleasure of interviewing a Rollins alumni (Frank Greene) today. I asked him a few questions about Rollins and we even talked about Sailors and Mr. Rogers.

125th Anniversary Picnic. Rollins faculty, staff, students and parents gathered on Mills Lawn on a sunny Saturday, November 5 to enjoy a picnic sponsored by Sodexo and to appreciate the beautiful Rollins campus during its 125th year.

Clay Shirky Delivers Forward-Looking Convocation Address for Rollins' Founders' Day. After a symbolic academic procession that begun at Winter Park’s City Hall and concluded at Alfond Sports Center, the Rollins community filed into Warden Arena to attend the first of many events planned to celebrate the College’s 125th birthday

A graduate of Oberlin College (the oldest co-educational institution of higher learning in the country), Lucy Cross moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, and in 1880 founded the Daytona Institute for the sons and daughters of tourists. Cross first placed the matter of establishing a college in Florida before the Congregational Churches in 1884.

Robert F. Kennedy Outlines a Green Course for Survival. “We are living in a science fiction nightmare,” environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. declared to the amassed Rollins Community. On Thursday, November 4, in celebration of Rollins’ 125th Anniversary, the Winter Park Institute presented a captivating event featuring its Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whose lecture was titled Green Gold Rush: A Vision for Energy Independence, Jobs, and National Wealth.

As the sun went down on Saturday, November 6, the Rollins community brought the College's 125th Anniversary celebration to a close with the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park and Rollins College Concert Choir's collaborative concert event, Music Under the Stars.