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U1583326-20 | February 1968, Hue, South Vietnam --- U.S. Mar… | Flickr

19 Feb 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam --- Marine Cpl. Bruce Lint (L) of Meriden, Connecticut and another Marine (unidentified) provide a little musical entertainment for fellow leathernecks at this fortress in northwestern south Vietnam. A radio operator and interpreter with a reconnaissance unit, Cpl. Lint isn't practicing his trade much recently. since the North Vietnamese have Khe Sanh almost surrounded, any recon outfit travelling very far would risk capture. --- Image by ©…

Profile of Marine with rifle, with helmet bearing God inscription and can opener.


A War Photographer's 99-Year Journey

Vietnam War 1968.


1,000-yard Stare : A Marine Grunt's-eye View of the Vietnam War (Hardcover) (Marc Waszkiewicz)

Hardcover Marc,War Hardcover,Grunt'S Eye,000 Yard,Yard Stare,Eye View,Vietnam War,1 000,Marine

from Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

29 Sad, lonely & Tough Images from the Vietnam War

War dominated 30 years of Vietnam’s history last century. The struggle that began with communists fighting French colonial power in the 1940s did not end until they seized Saigon and control of the…

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising Vietnam