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Mercury found in dental amalgam fillings has been an issue within the dental community and beyond for many years. These fillings, used since the American Civil War, contain an estimated 50 percent mercury. Whenever friction meets these fillings, toxic mercury gases are emitted. This means that with each chew and dental drill comes an emission of mercury gases, leading to numerous health problems.

Conclusion...her suffering was traced to mercury amalgam fillings! Watch the dramatic video of her before and after! Please join the hundreds of people demanding safe dental fillings. Spread the word, please!

Amalgam fillings are composed of mercury, silver, tin, copper and other trace metals. A growing body of evidence suggests that amalgam fillings contribute to many degenerative diseases and cancers. According to a report published by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, there are over 1000 tons of mercury in the mouths of unsuspecting Americans.

Does YOUR dentist still use silver amalgam fillings? They contain at least 50% mercury. Mercury is a poison.

I told the Tampa Tribune that yes, they can. It's time to demand safe dental fillings. Please join the thousands of others who are trying to stop the use of amalgams by dentists.