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Two men take a smoke break as the sun spreads it's golden warmth over the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

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5 Incredible Travel Destinations to Visit

5 Incredible Travel Destinations - Golden Bay, New Zealand

The Reeves's Pheasant is a large bird endemic to China. Due to ongoing habitat loss, and overhunting for food, and its tail plumes, the Reeves's Pheasant is evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. There are thought to be only around 2000 of these birds remaining in the wild.

Little Golden Books' back cover, 1977. "Suddenly.. it's Big Bird. And sorry kitty, you're old news. Enter a couple of real metropolitan hipsters.. Bert and Ernie. Bert's a staunch traditionalist.. a real square type. Watch as his button-down world gets shattered by Ernie's all-out, in-your-face outrageousness! Together they're the original odd couple.


World's most expensive model car is gold Bugatti Veyron costing £2m

Most Expensive Car- one MASSIVE flaw, it looks cool, but the weight and the heat that the 4 engines produce is enough to not entirely melt, but definitely over time will warp it. So looks epic, but only goes 40 due to physics

This depiction of Harry, Ron and Hermione in their first year is done expertly, the artist made their features more rounded and their facial expressions more innocent portraying the innocent mindset they had before the world around them begins to get darker, along with their thoughts.

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Creamy Golden Cauliflower Soup

This creamy, rich soup recipe gives you that world-conquering feeling that you just slurped up practically the whole day’s veggie requirement…and you LIKED it. (PS: It’s vegan. And paleo. Basically it will make you superhuman.) The Food Charlatan.

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Amazing Photography Of Cities and Famous Landmarks From Around The World

Grand cascade in Pertergof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia | Amazing Photography Of Cities and Famous Landmarks From Around The World


Gilmore Girls Revival: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel Share Memories

Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham on the Late Edward Herrmann Missing Out on the New Series: 'He Would Have Loved This'

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Look At These Caracal Kittens

Tow caracals. Latin name (caracal) of these wild cats originally come from Turkish "Karakulak" (which means "Black Ear")