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A sweet treat once in a while won't make you fat. Just like a nutritional dish every now and then won't make you healthy either.

Anorexia Problems: You don't know what starving feels like, if you've never suffered with something like Anorexia Nervosa-how painful it is-Some people like to say stupid things like "i'm not eating so i can be skinny, or "i'm starving myself until i look like her" It's not cute-Pro-Ana and Thinspiration things offend me-They anger me-The fact that people can mock a serious disease like Anorexia-No one picks Anorexia-You can't "become it" Some people just develop it-It's not a choice

Day 1

Day 1 | skinnypinkwhale With optimal health often comes clarity of thought. Click now to visit my blog for your free fitness solutions!

Yoga for New Year's Day

I bend so I don't break. Yoga keeps you in shape mentally and physically. Get on your yoga mat every day. #YogaQuote