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"I have two moods: 1- constant panic and worrying about every little detail. 2- Yolo."

Hey republicans, Trump is a spoiled whiny little man child, you hated class now you want ass. Shameful. I'll watch you make every excuse for him the next four years and point out every single hypocrisy.

Bob Ross paintings and videos always inspire me ^.^

That is so true. Drew thinks he never needs a'll be 35 out and he's like it's not even that cold...Abbey does seem aware of the cold...she did not want to play in the snow at first...I could identify with her logic...but I still made her because snow does not happen too often.

His face is full of little hidden faces XD

... my house has got to be organized and cleaned today! I need to get some kind of under bed storage, wtf am I gonna do with all my shoes? My closet is a tiny little lad, he needs to be reorganized... ahhhhh I have so much I need to do but I'm on here.

"You know you have social anxiety when you get worried that you're breathing too loud"

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