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Panda ~ I was lucky enough to see two in person at the Memphis Zoo. They are adorable! --- i only saw one when i was there! agree! adorable!!


Animal pictures of the week: 10 June 2011

* * CUB ON TOP: " Whatchoo guys so hang-dog abouts? It be summer, weez be free, it's nots huntin' season.....learns to laff atz yer troubles ands yoo willz nevers runs outta 'tings to laffs atz."

Keeping watch. Ancient traditions that don't protect from guns. They deserve a chance. YOU can give it to them.

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19 Things Everyone In Marching Band Understands

The uniform that is burning hot in the summer but doesn’t keep you warm at all in November. | 19 Things Everyone In Marching Band Understands



I wish my life was only cooking and baking and taking afternoon naps. Honestly, if it was up to me, I'd sleep for the rest of my life.