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Photoshop Editing Tips: Using Selection Tools

Adobe guru Dave Cross explains in great detail about each selection tool and technique in the HOWU course Photoshop: Selections, Channels & Masks.

Objective: Create a portrait using texture selection technique Master layering basics of Photoshop (grouping, merging, deleting layers)

30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Graphic Designers

This project is great for those just learning a graphics application like Photoshop. With the knowledge of a few basic Photoshop skills like cut & paste, and transform, your students can be creating new animals, having fun and learning the foundations of computer graphic software.

"Second PhotoShop project. They each took photos of themselves with a frame. They could then change either the inside, outside, or both backgrounds of the frame as long as it showed a part of their personality." - View 1