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Letters and Sounds Puzzle Pack

This huge set includes 12 different puzzles that focus on letters, sounds, abc order, and CVC words. Each is color coded so it will be easy to separate them if they get mixed up. (They always do in my K room!) Print on card stock and cut.

Beginning Sounds Center and Printable

This product includes a popcorn themed center for your kids to match beginning sounds to the correct letter. All sounds are included. Xx is an ending sound practice. All 26 letters include 5 pictures. Each letter sound is also included on a printable.

All Aboard for the ABCs

Use this train themed product to practice ABC order, missing, letters, and letter matching. This is perfect for guided literacy or work stations. Other suggestions for use are included. Color and black and white versions are included. ABC Order (Upper and Lowercase)Missing Letters in ABC OrderUpper and Lowercase Letter Matching**I have no idea why the preview images will not download correctly.

Number Cards 0 - 20

I made these 10 themed number card sets to help my Ks with putting numbers in order. Each set is themed so it is easy to keep them separate. They can also be used for lots of other activities or games:* addition* subtraction* number order* counting on or back* greater than or less then* writing the numbers* matching to sets

*FREE* Find the "Mystery Word" and practice letter/sound correspondence. (RF.K.2d) (Includes mini flashcards, vocabulary and "wipe and write" cards).

Alphabet Puzzles (Phonics)

Alphabet Puzzles {2 part}Do your students enjoy puzzles ? If so, they will really enjoy these with the cute alphabet animals that adorn these pages. There is a complete set of colored puzzles ( 2 to a page) from A-Z and a black and white set as well. In addition, there is an "I Can" anchor chart so a teacher/parent can set the activity up for independent use.Perfect for Classroom Teachers teaching decodable, systematic phonics, Orton Gillingham Teachers, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten…

Snowman Flip 10

My kids love to play Flip 10. This snowman set includes a color and a black and white version of the game. Sets using both numbers and 10 frames are included to provide differentiation for all of your students. The snowflake card is a wild card. Practice sheets can be used for assessment.

Centers for Turkey Time

Are you looking for some easy centers for November? Use this set of 4 centers to bring Thanksgiving to your classroom.Included:*Math *Roll, count, and color *Feathers in numerical order*Literacy *Spin and write letters or words *Spell CVC words

Christmas Stocking Color Word Matching - FREEBIE! Christmas Stocking Color Word Matching is perfect for Pre-K to 2nd grade. There are two levels of play. Level 1: Color sight words are written the color represented and match to the corresponding stocking color.