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Sommerfest: Nach der Siegerehrung hatten sich alle das Buffet mit vielen Leckereien vom Grill redlich verdient.

An outtake from CATWS from the Smithsonian scene. Very insightful and painful scene. Whole clip can be found here:<<<Copy and paste this link and be prepared to cry your eyes out!! On another note, I love how the interviewer is a Russo brother. I can recognize his voice anywhere!!

How to become an ebook superstar

If you were pondering ways to make it big on the Kindle, read no further than this Guardian Books article. In summary: consider writing that trashy romance novel if you want writing to pay your bills.

Between a Rock and a Hot Place: Why Fifty Is the New Fifty: Tracey Jackson: 9780061669286: Books/Really funny and helpful guide on remaining hot at 50 and beyond loved interviewing smart and insightful Tracey-note by DB twp@twt

I'm a woman who models men's clothes. But this isn't about gender

Casey Legler, an athlete, an artist, and the first woman signed as a male model, wrote this smart, insightful article for The Guardian: This photo = Photograph: Julian Broad for the Observer

70 yrs old & look how hip, fashionable, & beautiful she is. By far my favorite designer ever. Love everything #betseyjohnson

Volle Kraft voraus auf dem TWT Sommerfest

Weihnachtszeit ist Plätzchenzeit: Danke an die liebe Kollegin für die leckeren Plätzchen. So kann der Arbeitstag beginnen. :)