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www.flylady.net helps us "Finally Love Yourself" enough to declutter your home and life.  Daily routines, Cleaning Schedules on Rotation and Monthly challenges are all part of the plan.  "Jump In" where you are and get over CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

31 Baby Steps by FlyLady. I love this website, every time I feel overwhelmed by my house, I remember Flylady and her baby steps to getting back on track.

Best Unexpected Plants You Can Grow in Containers

Garden Design doesn't have to be difficult, but should be one of the first things you think about when planning any garden. Here are some great garden design ideas and easy advice to help you start with a solid foundation.

lego drawer under the bed. Could use a drawer from a dresser, add wheels and paint. Then get a board of wood and add Lego sheets for a cover.

DIY Under the Bed Lego Storage 15 LEGO Storage. I have a under the bed drawer in M's room. I was thinking of adding lego plates and storage around the edge.

hermosa habitación infantil..

Kids Bedroom Modern Furnitures For Kids Room Two Story Bed With Book Rack Large Costume Cabinet And Computer Desk How To Design An Awesome Kids Bedroom Interior Design - GiesenDesign

This is my family recipe for HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI AND MEAN-BALLS!   It's now FAMOUS!

DIY Wipes - links to glass cleaner, baby wipes, bleach wipes, and moisturizing hand sanitizer wipes

I'm going to print this out in a letter for my daughter(s). Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls. Good for post-teenagers, too.

Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls

"Motherhood The First Year". from Kate Conner, ten things she wants to tell all new moms. I love her ability to make me laugh and cry in the same sentence. and it's all so good. moms: read it.