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Moroni the last prophet of a once great nation, sees it destroyed. he then buries the Nephite record in the hope that a future people might gain wisdom from their mistakes.

Jesus Christ Appears Unto the Nephite People after his resurrection . The Savior established his church and taught the people his gospel. For two hundred years they lived in righteousness. They then started to fall into unbelief and finally destroyed their nation in war. - Arnold Friberg

Samuel the Lamanite prophesies of the wickedness of the people. As is so common we don't like to hear such things.

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I Hope They Call Me On A Mission-5x5 Wood Block-LDS/Mormon (Red)

"Mormon blocks." Sorry, but I'm not buying these on etsy, when I can download virtually if not all of these prints for free. Grab some modge podge and a chunk of wood and save yourself some money.

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Scripture Reading Habit Made SUPER EASY...2014 Scripture Chart