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Adamovic Bass-Custom made for Eric Czar. Rambar Pickup which is a versatile pick-up that also functions as a ramp. The preamp is a 3-band Glockenlang which features two pick-up selectors for each pick up. It features a unique 30 fret, 33"scale and a 4+3 string design, developed for easy chord playing and fast tapping techniques. (via Bass Players United)

Exclusive EX1 01 // Zakrzewski Basses... neat fret makers on the fretless fingerboard

Blast Cult Thirty 2 Bass with tremolo $3450 A neat single cut, medium scale bass guitar. I really dig the color and I'm curious about the pickup. This one has a Hipshot bass tremolo too. I really dig the subtle widening of the raised center to accommodate for the bridge plate.

Michale Spalt from Vienna, Austria is the owner of Spalt Instruments. Here are some pictures of what he calls "Hybrid" guitars. Double necks with a sustaniac element in the lower neck ( for i.e. "infinite" sustain or sounds comparable with an Ebow, a small device which is held above the snares) and a piëzo in the upper neck for simulating i.e. an acoustic guitar sound. And a picture of a double neck bass. See :