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7 Smart Ways to Fix Shower Clutter (All Less Than $15!)

7 Smart Ways to Fix Shower #Clutter (All Less Than $15!)Try one or more of these seven creative ways to fix shower clutter, and turn your shower back into a serene start to the day:

10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Bathroom! ~ from ~ get that bathroom organized for good with these simple tips and tricks! #bathrooms #thefrugalgirls

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Hack: Use Bungee Cords to Organize Sports Equipment

Discover how to deal with sports equipment clutter with a common camping staple: bungee cords.

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Turn Your Cutting Boards into Unique Kitchen Décor

Here are some creative designs for hand cutting and creating your own gorgeous cutting boards.

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No Clutter: Store Jewelry in Pill Boxes

A Monday through Sunday pill box is the perfect spot to store tiny items. Check out the breakdown of what we stored in ours at BrightNest:

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Save Money On Laundry

Discover 7 ways to save some money and conserve water in the laundry room.

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27 Insanely Awesome And Inexpensive Things You Need For Your Bathroom

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13 Life-Altering Shower Hacks

SHOWER AND BATHROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS & HACKS: Remove clutter from your shower and prevent mildew with this simple shower hack! Click through to find more amazing ideas like how to save time in the shower, how to DIY a bathtub caddy shelf, and how to prevent mold growing on your shower curtain. Find more home and bathroom tips and hacks here and at