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And one more important factor in teaching your children and choosing curriculum for them...Personality Type. This is my favorite book when it comes to understanding your child's personality type. ~Amy Edwards LOLIOPO Education

50 Ways To Teach Your Child To Read

50 great and simple ideas to help your child as they earn to read. Links to more detailed resources too @Monica Forghani Forghani Forghani Forghani Forghani Forghani Benger and @Monica Forghani Forghani Forghani Forghani Forghani Forghani Ehrhardt

Cupcake Contraction Sort. Students can use this activity as an opportunity to learn what exactly contractions are. Art is used through choosing colors (warm/cool) to make their cupcake and designing it as they choose. Along with art students learn language arts and reading to learn what exactly each contraction is and using art to learn them. Grades 3rd to 5th can use this fun art activity.

This book is one of the few books on parenting and early childhood education that is based on the child's true needs. This book truly allowed my inner parenting philosophy to blossom. This isn't another book on what to do with your child to "make them smarter" or "advance their development". Such conceptual paradigms are actually inappropriate for promoting our children's internal developmental timetables and learning processes.

Human Body Activities for Kids

Teach your kids about the fascinating human body with these fun yet informative activities! (via I Can Teach My child)

10 Steps to Teaching Your Child to Read

10 Steps to Teaching Your Child to Read: Simple ideas to promote reading in your home!