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"Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of the world made for a man - who has no gills" -Ambrose Bierce Today at SSO

#Meduse #Jellyfish #Blue #Sea ik it isnt really scary but its still an odd creature and omg its so pretty



Anti-Gravity Surreal Art : It Student Xetobyte

Anti-Gravity Surreal Art - IT Student Xetobyte has a Phenomenal Imagination (GALLERY)


Mesmerizing Animated GIF Portrait

Moving Photograph. Very Harry Potter. Called a cinemagraph I think... click to see.

VINTAGE at its very best; being vertically challenged is a fashion statement done very tastefully!!!!!

When rivers run up and buildings build down I like the idea that everyone is traveling. Everyone is moving. Poor people travel in their clothes. Rich people travel on the backs of animals with their homes.