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People seen here warming themselves after they take a dip in the Baltic Sea at New Year. Description from I searched for this on

QueenBee, now I need a bee hive. Just think of all the wild honey....

Buccellati Bee Brooch with Emeralds and Diamonds

I hope that if Chloe does end up being Queen Bee, she starts out as just being Chloe, then something bad happens like someone could've died and Ladybug and Chat start grilling her or something and she just does a complete 180. That'd be great, especially if actual Chloe turns her attitude around as well, I really hope that happens.

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The lives of bees and humans are intricately linked. More than 100 types of crops in the US are pollinated by bees, from almonds to zucchini. Bees are vital to the reproduction of clover and alfalfa, which feed grazing animals, and to the diverse ecosystems that sustain wildlife. Find out how you can help bee part of the change at

This is a real threat everyone. Bees are dieing out. Whole colonies have disappeared all over the world. Please use chemicals responsibly. Natural is better for our environment.

♡ are they not just amazing, wonderful creatures????? we would be lost without them.

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5x7, 8x10 or 8.5x11 - Save the Bees Print

Without bees what will your garden grow? Every year we get more and more people complaining because they are out in the garden with paint brushes pollinating there cucumbers. Stop using pesticides and let the bees do what they do best. Farmer John