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So I noticed that no one has made any vectors and/or high resolution logos yet of the character emblems shown in RWBY----SO------I decided to make it and share it with others! Also, so that I won't.

RWBY-Weiss in Yang's body.

RWBY-Weiss in Yang's body. C: haha, she freaks out about the boobs.

Never take cookies away from Ruby. Never

RWBY - Sugar Rush by ~LunarisFuryAileron on deviantART << Damn puppy eyes.

уσυ тнιик уσυℓℓ иєνєя gєт ιт яιgнт, вυт уσυяє ωяσиg, уσυ мιgнт.

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rwby yang angry - Google Search

Don't mess with Yangs Hair for the good of the universe

Pyrrah's there. This artist is in denial. Rip.

Pyrrah's there. This artist is in denial. I have no clue what you're talking about. Watch RWBY chibi with subtitles