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Free seeds to help feed a bee (and butterflies) Honey bees pollinate many of the foods we love, but often bees can't find enough food for...


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Healthy Organic Woman Bug Off! How to Get Rid of Mosquitos Organically » Healthy Organic Woman Citronella / Bee balm / Marigolds / Catnip / Lavender

Learning about Pollination - use juice boxes to make flowers, students drink nectar, eat cheetos without wiping hands for pollen, go to other flowers, and the "pollen" will stick - From Second Grade Shenanigans

Blue-banded bees (Amegilla cingulata) are native to Australia, but also occur naturally in Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Indonesia and Malaysia. Unlike other bee species, blue-banded bees are solitary insects. They typically build nests in sandstone, mud or the mortar-gaps in the brickwork of houses.