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Went down with my gf to watch civil war it was only the two of...

I just wanna movie where Stan Lee just becomes like a main character, and he just gathers all the avengers and says, "I've been watching you for years." And they all just gape and Tony is just staring at him and Stan says, "You too Tony Stank."

I watch this clip and wonder if Bucky is making a conscious effort to look less intimidating..or if he still doesn't trust himself in their company..

Captain America: Civil War: Team Thor Funny Reason Why Thor & Hulk Weren't…

More Lizzie, but I had some Chris thrown in there... I weirded out my friends because I fangirled harder than I ever have during a movie. That includes when I saw Force Awakens for the first time and repeatedly slapped my cousin's arm when Han died... Buy in Civil War, I audibly gasped when I saw the doors to the Hydra facility near the beginning of the movie... it spiraled out of control from there.

That one time where Scott Lang was literally every marvel fangirl everywhere. <<<I recently saw Paul Rudd speak at my university on being a part of Civil War and getting starstruck that he was in the same room as Chris Evans and RDJ.

What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War (Comic-Con 2016) Thor Ragnarok HD - YouTube

Bucky the winter soldier and T'Challa the black panther captain America: civil war funny

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“He’s now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he can interact with the characters in that universe. I think that this mentor relationship that Tony has developed with Peter Parker is probably one of the most interesting things the universe has moving forward.”