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This power point presentation contains 15 slides with 5-12 sentences/topics per slide. The purpose of this product is to use as a Bell-ringer activity or a Ticket-Out-The-Door assessment. You may choose to do all of the questions on the screen in one day - A FRIDAY!!!- or do one per day until completed. Over 30 topics included!!!

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Introduction to Biology: Scientific Method, Graphing, Microscope Powerpoint

This 59 slide Power Point and Notes bundle covers the topics found in the first chapter of a typical biology textbook. Written for biology or life science students in grades 8-12, this colorful and engaging PowerPoint will hook your students from the very first day.

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Main Idea Challenge- One Topic-Two Passages-Different Main Ideas

Main Idea Challenge- One Topic-Two Passages-Different Main Ideas!

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The objective of this PowerPoint is to use it as a bellringer activity, a quiz, a contest, or as a review for standardized test prep. The first 17 slides are multiple choice questions and contain interesting and moving clipart to assist with gaining the students' attention. The remaining slides of a total of 66 are individual answers. All slides have the answer in the notes section.


First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Teaching With a Mountain View: First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

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Back to School Activity

This 30 slide presentation is a great icebreaking activity for the first few days of school, and can be used interactively with whiteboards.

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Oceans: Exploring the Ocean Blue: A Webquest/Extension Activities

Learn lots of fun facts with this Exploring the Ocean Blue: A Web quest.There are 9 informative web questions. Fun Facts, comprehension questions,extension activities,links.Use as part of a unit on oceans,a Friday activity for a Friday or before a vacation.Skills include:reading for information and using research/computer skills. $3.50

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Word of the Day April Cut and Paste Activities

Vocabulary: These activities will help your students with April vocabulary. Your students will cut out egg words, lay them out in order, and glue them in order. They will practice writing sentences and draw what they write. There is also a bonus sentence for them to do. You could use the bonus sentences as a class book on topics like Easter or Earth Day. $ #vocabulary#April#spring#ELA#TPT#word order#teaching ideas#education#writing

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Black History Slavery Twelve Years a Slave

This product for Grades 7-10 includes 10 reading passages with vocabulary terms or words and an activity page for each passage. For each section there are 3 comprehension questions, a subjective question, a short excerpt from the book “Twelve Years a Slave”. These Discussion Points are there for you to use as discussion topics in class and they can be developed further as additional activities. A 5-page test, each page covering two narratives, is also included.

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Verb Moods

This is a power point to teach imperative, indicative, subjunctive, conditional, and interrogative mood of verbs. I've included two quizzes and keys.