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Most people have heard of Koko, the gorilla who could speak. What most people don’t know, however, is that Koko was an avid Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fan. When Fred Rogers took a trip out to meet Koko for his show, not only did she immediately wrap her

Twitter / fabulousanimals: The maternal instinct … ...

Mother hen warming a puppy--if this doesn't make you want to only buy organic, free range eggs, from lovingly tended chickens, I don't know what will! Hens are so cute!

Featured Image Coral

Coral reef off Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean- Nature Conservancy photo

sea life...starfish... could follow this as a pattern into concrete...festive :)

Patterns of sea stars as exquisite mosaics, attractive, and each time is different. Cambodia (Photo and caption by Andrey Narchuk/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) Beautiful Iron stained quartz mosaic inspiration.


I love it! There is a place in Africa that I've seen pics of giraffes peaking into the windows. I wonder if this is the same place.