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Love the versatility of no flame with the incredible fragrances and its inexpensive compared with many other similar products!

It’s a cream cheese and sour cream base with real Olives from Spain and salami, making it a great choice if you’re serving hors d’oeuvres rather than a full meal, and it packs all the flavor of the full-sized sandwich, on bite-sized crackers.

Give your Hostess 4 Booking Necklaces to wear around her neck. Explain to the Hostess and the Guests that anyone who books their own party can take one of the Necklaces from the Hostess. The Pouch and the Prize is theirs to keep! (but they cannot peak at the Prize until after they book their party) BONUS: When the Hostess gives away all 4 of her Booking Necklaces, award her with a special Bonus Prize. *Use a "certificate" for prizes that are too large to fit in the pouch