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this makes me feel a lot better about my weight because I honestly thought I was fat

Naot Shoe - Naot Marakesh from

I wanted my hair back so badly that I went to get advice from my doctor for a hair transplant but my daughter stopped me. Instead, she encouraged me to try natural alternatives. She had a success with the dry hair products from just natural. I started to use the adult women’s hair loss treatment and got a pleasant surprise, my hair is coming back!! I feel so happy when I see how thick and full my hair is!

I’ve put together a list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days. I think this list will actually help me to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. I love being able to cross things off lists, so that’s why I wanted to list everything here.

35 Healthy Habits I Want for My Daughter {and Me}

What habits do you want your daughter to have? What are some of the good practices that are healthy and beneficial for a young woman {and to me}? ~ Club31Women

I love Victor® traps because they help keep my home happy, healthy, and pest free! #mousetraps #ilovevictortraps

I like this for a layout of a more intense habit tracker that takes up a full pages, if I ever decide to do that. The joy of filling up each little box makes me much more likely to do things I want myself to do, but I don't want too big of a tracker in my weekly log... maybe I should try this. February?

12 Days of Cookies: Sugar cookie cutouts

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! Replace flour with Gluten Free All Purpose flour. Replace the baking powder with xanthan gum. These are fabulous!

I always had clear smooth skin and then suddenly this nightmare appears. The red bumps show up out of nowhere and then once they disappear they leave ugly dark scars. This was not a funny situation and I am very happy to see that somebody is taking this problem seriously and helping me and others. After one week, the results really started to show for real. The acne was pretty much gone, and the scars started to lighten a lot. - And my butt is feeling softer than ever.