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STOVAX HUNTINGDON STOVES - Stovax as a company has had over thirty years' experience in the stove industry. This gives them the upper hand compared to those that have only been in the industry a short time as Stovax know what the customer wants from a stove. Since starting up in 1981 just producing wood burning stoves, they have gone on to producing gas stoves with the sister company Gazco and then also bought Yeoman stoves which gives them another style of stove....

STOVAX BRUNEL STOVES - Like many of the stove companies that we distribute, Stovax has had over thirty years' experience producing stoves. Stovax is an expanding company; in 1981 they were just selling simple wood burning stoves. Then they decided to start up a sister company called Gazco which were solely for gas stoves.....

Studio 2 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove - Stovax Stoves

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